Dota Leaker

The result of most games in Dota 2 depends on the draft stage. You may play perfectly, but eventually will lose, because the pick of your enemies is much stronger. Dota Leaker will help you to ban and pick right heroes.

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Windows 7, 8, 10

Pre game

With Dota Leaker you get more info about the upcoming game. And the private profiles are not the problem anymore - with Dota Leaker you can see through them.

Feature 01

Ban spammers

Stop playing the games, that are obviously lost against Meepo on last pick. Dota Leaker will help you to ban all the spammers in enemy team.

Feature 02

Dont let ruiners play the mid

Dota Leaker shows the stats of all the players in your team. If you have a dead inside no roll 12yo ruiner in you team - you will know, on who its better not to count on.

Feature 03

Counter the enemy line

The information about who usually goes on each line in the enemy team, will help you decide on which lane its better to play.

Feature 04

Gang boosters

Dota Leaker will find all the boosters, smurfers, spammers of one hero and the ruiners. Dont trust the word of teammate and know whom to gang in the enemy team.

Post game (coming soon)

With Dota Leaker you will learn how to make strategic decisions during the whole game.

Have strategic mind

Dota 2 - is a teamgame. Its much more important to make strategic decisions, rather than trying to kill as many creeps as possible.

Artificial intelligence

We have analyzed hundred of millions of matches to make you take the best strategic actions.

Match analysis

We will show you which decisions were right - and what were crucially wrong.



  • How to use Dota Leaker?

    1. Download archive from the website 2. Install setup.exe from archive in any place 3. Launch installed Dota Leaker 4. The app will immediately show you the stats for the last game 5. Find new game and alt-tab to Leaker. The app will refresh the stats and show whom to ban 6. If you have any questions or anything doesnt work - write us, we will respond you.

  • How Dota Leaker sees private profiles?

    We dont use dotabuff or opendota. Instead we download absolutely all played replays. From the replay you can get all the players, even if they have private profiles. So in that way, we have info about every Dota player.

  • How Dota Leaker sees my games and my account?

    Info about you account and games are located inside Dota folder. Leaker doesnt interact in any way with game process - so its impossible to get a ban.

  • Are sure its not a virus?

    Dota Leaker doesnt require administration rights nor your steam credentials - so its completely safe. Without administration rights its impossible to do anything with files and data on you pc.

  • Why Dota Leaker is better than Overwolf?

    1. Dota Leaker shows info for private profiles 2. Leaker has much lower hardware requirements, than Overwolf - so you wont get low fps in game.

  • Why its free?

    We have future monetization plan. But the base functionality will be free forever.


Currently we are spending our own funds to run servers and database. So we would be really happy to get any help. You can support us on patreon, yandex or send us some crypto.


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Windows 7, 8, 10